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Developing our innovation ecosystem

As our world becomes increasingly connected, the industries that build growth and prosperity here in South Australia are shifting and evolving.

It’s not just the economy that’s evolving, but our entire society. Conversations in our schools and universities, as well as our homes, workplaces, vibrant city-centres and regions are increasingly focused on the innovation that surrounds us.

Technology is empowering individuals and communities to build their own future and South Australians are pushing the limits of their imagination and essential creativity to solve problems, fix what’s broken and add value to our world.

We are working with businesses and investing in skilling up South Australian people at the same time as our state develops an innovation ecosystem that generates and helps incubate good ideas into great ones.

In South Australia, investment in infrastructure is only matched by investment in the creative skills that fill it. We are a place of powerful connections and where collaboration happens with purpose. A place that grows ideas, has history, heritage, and a forward-looking perspective.

We understand innovation, and are inspired for the future.