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Industry Development

The industry development priorities are to:

  1. Accelerate the value adding activities for existing industry sectors where South Australia has an advantage
  2. Develop new and emerging sectors that are linked to existing sectors and/or require a combination of knowledge from existing sectors and enabling technologies
  3. Develop industry capabilities that generate value added growth, productivity improvements and ongoing competitive advantage from technology adoption

A focus for the department will be to improve South Australia’s manufacturing capability and capacity to drive growth and productivity in key sectors of the economy.

Developing supply chain resilience and capability, including for critical sectors and projects such as hydrogen, critical minerals, defence, forestry, and food and beverage processing will be a priority.

We also have an opportunity to increase productivity through research and innovation by maintaining science and research excellence, strengthening the interaction between industry and academia, improving translation outcomes, and supporting small businesses to innovate and grow.

As technology and digitalisation continue to impact industries across our economy, the jobs of the future are increasingly shifting towards higher skilled occupations in industries such as health, ICT, cyber security, machine learning, defence, and space.