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Promoting openness and accountability

The purpose of the Freedom of Information Act 1991 (SA) (FOI Act) is to promote openness and accountability within the South Australian Government and facilitate public participation in government decision making.

About Freedom of Information (FOI)

The FOI Act gives members of the public a legally enforceable right to access documents – subject to certain exemptions – held by South Australian Government Agencies, local government authorities, statutory and regulatory bodies and South Australian Universities. The Act also gives you the right to apply to have your personal records amended if the information is incomplete, incorrect, out-of-date or misleading.

Making an FOI application

In accordance with the FOI Act applications must:

  • be made in writing
  • specify that the application is made under the Freedom of Information Act 1991
  • include your name and an address in Australia to which information can be sent (an email address is sufficient)
  • be accompanied by the application fee (exemptions apply for Members of Parliament and Commonwealth Concession Card holders)
  • clearly identify the documents being sought or the matter to which they pertain
  • specify if the documents contain your personal information
  • request the form of access you are seeking, for example, specify if you require a copy of the documents or you wish to inspect the documents.

For more information or assistance with making an application contact:

Freedom of Information Unit
Department for Industry, Innovation and Science
Phone (08) 8226 3821

Or visit Freedom of Information Act in South Australia.

Application to review a determination under FOI

If you are refused access to all or part of a document that you requested access to, you will be informed of the reasons why and advised of your rights to seek a review or appeal.

You can also seek a review or appeal if you have applied for your personal records to be amended under FOI and amendment has been refused.

For more information contact:

Freedom of Information Unit
Department for Industry, Innovation and Science
Phone (08) 8226 3821

Ombudsman SA
Phone (08) 8226 8699
Toll Free 1800 182 150 (within South Australia)

Application forms

Send Freedom of Information applications seeking documentation held by DIIS to:

Accredited Freedom of Information Officer
Department for Industry, Innovation and Science
Office of the Chief Executive
GPO Box 320
Adelaide SA 5000

Or email applications to

Contact DIIS FOI Unit